Cortina Roller Dúo 200cm x 200cm


Cortina Roller Dúo 200cm x 200cm


Duo roller curtain (day and night), from home with you, is a curtain that performs one of the best features to decorate your home or office, its function is to help you improve the vision of interior design and ease of use, your fabric It is made of 100% polyester material that makes it durable and since it is made of said material it does not absorb dirt, as for the border that covers the curtain, the double weight bar below and the central tube is made of aluminum painted in color oven. white, this curtain is already ready to be installed as it contains all its accessories, screws and dowels for installation.


Width 200cm

Length 200cm

It is a curtain that is interspersed, with a strip of transparent color and another of color, this fulfills the function of controlling light and vision by placing it as you like in visible or not visible.

- Antifungal

- To install on ceiling and wall

- Care and Cleaning: Remove the dust and then clean with a damp cloth.

- With your roller system you adapt the curtain to the desired height, pulling the chain.

Each curtain contains:

4 dowels to 6 dowels according to the measure

4 to 6 screws depending on the measurement

2 to 3 brackets for ceiling or wall

Your roller chain system

Drill is needed for installation

* If your measurement is not in our ranges, we also manufacture custom, just ask whatsapp or email

Only 477 units of this product remain

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