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Set 3 elastic bands for exercise training

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The best resistance bands for hips, glutes, and legs, as these resistance hip bands could help you squat correctly for sculpted, well-toned hips. Burn your fat, anyone who wants to increase mobility or muscular endurance and strength can use these exercise bands for their workout.

It won't roll or slide during workouts, unlike those latex / rubber resistance bands. These elastic tapes are sewn with a superior cotton and polyester stretch fabric and are made with latex of an elastic nature on the inside. More skin-friendly, durable, stable and non-slip.

Resistance bands with 3 colors represent 3 different exercise levels: Green - Light (15-25 lbs), Purple - Medium (25-35 lbs), Black - Heavy (40-50 lbs). You can easily customize your workout based on your strength, ability, and comfort, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.


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